Willie Daniels

Hall of Fame Original Florida Highwaymen
Fort Pierce, Florida, A Legend of the Road!

"The History Maker!" Willie Browne Daniels is a core legend, of the Florida Highwaymen Original Artists. His story, began as a boy in the 1960s when he began to paint in Fort Pierce, Florida. His method of learning was by watching his good friends; Roy McLendon Sr., Livingston “Castro” Roberts, and Harold and Sam Newton, who were most influential. His younger brother Johnny Lee Daniels learned to paint in his early teen years by watching his older brother, and “Castro.”

Willie enjoys telling the story of one of his fondest memories. While living in Augusta Georgia, he met one of America's most famous singers, James Brown. The singer admired the paintings from Willie's collection, and Brown's secretary wrote a check buying several. "Willie says," "it was an honor to meet the icon, but to have him purchase my work, I was thrilled!"

Willie Daniels has made a significant lifetime achievement to the state of Florida, as a Florida Highwaymen Original Artists of Fort Pierce, Florida. He created his own destiny over decades and sold art from the trunk of his car along Florida’s highways. He never realized his life’s work would be so highly recognized by the Museum of Florida's History and the world! In 2004, Willie Daniels was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in Tallahassee Florida.

Born January 8, 1950 in Bainbridge, Georgia, Willie’s family moved to Fort Pierce, Florida while he was in third grade. A family of six, Willie’s mother Ms. Juanita Daniels passed away early in life. Ms. Curley Daniels his oldest sister, took on her loving role, the family refers to her as their mother. "Willie says," "his father was from the "Bahamian Islands" and is known by his last name, Browne."

The summer of 2017, Daniels a living legend, "says he was honored to celebrate fifty years as a Highwaymen Artist." The legend has a legacy! Since 2001 over years, Willie taught his niece Vivian Daniels to paint, but she is more of a historian for both her uncles. He then endorsed and mentored his latest discovery, 4th Generation known as Salsa, at age ten, in Fort Pierce. A collection of her paintings dates 2009, bears his name, endorsement, and is archived by her grandmother AJ Brown.

The 50-year veteran, was honored to continue his brother’s legacy after his death. Hall of Fame Florida Original Highwaymen Artist Johnny "Hook" Daniels died May 26, 2009. Over the years, Willie continued to paint side by side with Johnny's protege' AJ Brown as their Florida Highwaymen Historic Artist, 2nd Generation heritage, she is known as God family. In 2008, Willie gifted AJ with a drawing of himself, drawn by his neighborhood friend, nicknamed Red; a keepsake, and memory she cherishes. Willie spends his days in Fort Pierce, living a simple life with his family and painting the nostalgic state of Florida he loves and remembers. "Willie Daniels is a heritage worth preserving!" Few may claim this honor, Florida Original Highwaymen or 2nd Generation Highwaymen. The unique Florida Highwaymen painters pressed on through a segregated era when all odds were against them. They made it! Willie's paintings now grace the nations highest office's, governor's mansions, state capitol buildings and a number of historic museums throughout the United States of America and around the world.