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Florida Highwaywomen of Fort Pierce

In 2009, Alzheimer's Community Care presented the 6th annual Opening Our Doors to Your Loved Ones hosted by the Florida Highwaymen Original and 2nd Generation Artists at the Yacht Club in Fort Pierce, Florida.
From left to right, Diane Roberts (hiatus-ed after marriage); Gertrude Walker, and AJ Brown were the only members of the 2nd Generation Highwaywomen artists of Fort Pierce until Doretha Hair began to paint and toured Florida with AJ Brown in 2011.  
Also in attendance for the Benefit Dinner was Original Highwaymen MaryAnn Carroll (image not shown).  
Mrs. Walker was requested to present and display the charity piece painted and donated by AJ Brown.
Gertrude Walker, seen in the middle, is the Supervisor of Elections in Fort Pierce.  She managed the art career of her husband, Charles Walker, an original Highwayman.  
The 1950s original Highwaymen group materialized and primarily formed with mostly friends and a few family members.  
Under one name, the group respectfully came to be called the Highwaymen, also known as the Florida Highwaymen. 
The Annual Highwaymen Art Exhibit is held in February, off Avenue D, in Fort Pierce, Florida. 
The last exhibit was held in February 2019 but went on hiatus from 2020 thru 2022 due to the impact of Covid-19.     
The Highwaywomen of Fort Pierce, Florida, are exceptional finds; their works are highly valued and distinctly sort after. 


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